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Your HVAC Seasonal Prep Checklist for San Diego winters

Updated: Feb 22

new furnace installed in closet

Hey San Diego, winter’s creeping in, and it’s time to get your HVAC system up to snuff. Don't let the mild winters fool you; a well-prepped heater is your ticket to a cozy, efficient home. Let’s break down the no-BS winter prep guide for your HVAC

1. Filter Swap: Regularly, Please

I’ll say this a million times: change your HVAC filters often. Do it before heater season hits. Better air, better efficiency – it’s that simple.

2. Test Your Heater Now

Don’t play the waiting game with your heater. Test it before the chill sets in. Something not quite right? I happen to know a company that can take care of that for you ;)

3. Seal Those Ducts

Got leaky ducts? They're sucking the efficiency right out of your system. Check 'em, seal 'em, and save yourself some trouble.

4. Insulation Check

Insulation’s your best friend for trapping heat. Inspect your attic, walls, and floors. Poor insulation equals a cold, sad home.

5. Pro Inspection Time

DIY’s great, but pros see what you don’t. Regular check-ups keep your system in prime shape and head off big issues.

6. Go Programmable with Your Thermostat

Still manually handling your thermostat? Go programmable. Set it to cool down (65) when you're out, warm up (70) when you're in, remember a few degrees go a long way. Smart and saves cash.

two new inverter heat pumps installed side by side

7. Clear the Way for Outdoor Units

Got a heat pump? Keep its outdoor unit clear. And yeah, check the refrigerant charge in summer AND winter to ensure proper operation.


Prepping your HVAC for winter is about comfort without the breakdown drama. Pantaira Heating and Air is all set to help you glide through winter. Need a hand with your HVAC winter prep or interested in our pro services? Just give us a call! We’re here to make your winter warm and hassle-free.


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