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Get ready for the Pantaira Elite Membership

Where top-notch HVAC care meets unbeatable perks. Say goodbye to average service and hello to the VIP treatment for your heating and cooling needs.

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What We Check:

Our pros dive deep with 16-point inspections for furnaces and 27-point checks for AC units. From scrutinizing electrical components to ensuring optimal refrigeration cycles, we cover it all. We’re not just checking boxes; we’re ensuring every nook and cranny of your system is in prime condition.

Furnace Maintenance

1.   Electrical Measurements

    •    Line Voltage

    •    Low Voltage

    •    Blower Capacitor

    •    Blower Run amps

    •    Inducer amps (low)

    •    Inducer amps (high)

    •    Flame sensor

    •    Pressure Switch (low)

    •    Pressure switch (high)

2.    Airflow Measurements

    •    Return air temperature

    •    Supply air temperature

    •    Delta

    •    Static pressure

    •    High Limit Temp

3.    Safety and Efficiency

    •    Carbon monoxide levels

    •    Gas pressure

Total Points of Inspection

AC or Heat Pump Maintenance

1.   Electrical Measurements

  • Line Voltage

  • Load Voltage

  • Low Voltage

  • Blower Capacitor

  • Blower Run amps

  • Capacitor Herm

  • Capacitor Fan

  • Compressor Start Amps

  • Compressor Run amps

  • Outdoor Fan Run amps

2.    Refrigeration Measurements

  • Refrigerant type

  • Metering device

  • Outdoor Ambient Temperature

  • Vapor Psi

  • Vapor Saturation

  • Vapor Line Temperature

  • Superheat

  • Liquid Psi

  • Liquid Saturation

  • Liquid Line Temperature

  • Subcooling

3.    Indoor Air Measurements

  • Return Air Drybulb

  • Return Air Wetbulb

  • Supply Air Drybulb

  • Supply Air Wetbulb

  • Delta

  • Total Static Pressure

Total Points of Inspection

Perks You Can't Ignore:

Priority scheduling? Check. 10% off all repairs? You bet. Seasonal reminders and energy efficiency tips? Of course. We're talking about a plan that keeps your system humming and your wallet happy.


Long-term Commitment:

This isn’t a one-and-done deal. We’re in it for the long haul with your HVAC system, ensuring year-round comfort and efficiency.


The Pantaira Promise:

Exceptional service, expert care, and prices that make sense. That's what Pantaira Elite Membership is all about. Ready to join the club and experience HVAC service that's a cut above? Sign up and let's make your home the epitome of comfort and efficiency.



One Unit

Billed Annually

This option is for homes with a single furnace or maybe you just want to keep an eye on that outdated R22 AC system .

Complete System

Billed Annually

This option is for the whole HVAC system. Furnace and Air Conditioning.

Dual System

Billed Annually

This option is for homes with two complete systems. Usually an upstairs and downstairs system.

Call to become a member today!

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Mon - Fri

7:00 am – 5:00 pm


7:00 am – 3:00 pm



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Service Areas

  • Del Mar

  • Oceanside

  • Pacific Beach

  • Poway

  • Chula Vista

  • Vista

  • North Park

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  • El Cajon

  • Encinitas

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